Bureau of Internal Revenue ex-employee, Lorna Talan, embezzled, Canada Revenue Agency


Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 11.11.42 PMLORNA TALAN – EMBEZZLER

Attention: Patheon Inc., Kraft Foods Inc., Broan –Nu Tone LLC, Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee, CPA Ontario, Symcor, and Canada Post

Please be advised that Lorna Talan has been reported to the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Canada Revenue Agency for embezzlement.

Lorna Pazcoguin Talan was a Bureau of Internal Revenue employee from 1991 to 2005. With a meager monthly income of P10K = CAD$275, combined with the monthly salary of her husband (Emmanuel Bonza Talan, a Metrobank Operations Manager) in the amount of P45K=CAD$1,200, how were they able to afford the following:


In the Philippines:

  • a 96 sq m up and down house in Assyria St. North Olympus Subdivision Phase 1, Novaliches, Quezon City, considered as Lorna’s little mansion containing all of her top of the line, super expensive antique furniture (10 people lived here – her family of 5, her parents when they were still living, 2 maids, 1 driver)
  • a 150 sq m bungalow type in Babylonia St. North Olympus Subdivision, Novaliches, Quezon City with a wholesale store
  • a 150 sq m vacant lot in Zeus St. North Olympus Subdivision Phase 3, Novaliches, Quezon City
  • a rental townhouse at No. 4 Masambahin St. Quezon City
  • a vacant lot in Bataan where they built a house from the ground up
  • a newly purchased condominium in Trinoma, Quezon City under the names of their 3 children (Brian Lawrence, Emmanuel Jr, and Micaella Beatrice)
  • a wholesale “Barong” store in Divisoria, Manila paying a very expensive rental
  • a pick up vehicle, turtle top (gray)
  • an Isuzu Crosswind (dark green)
  • Mitsubishi Lancer
  • a tricycle franchise (P60K=CAD$1,657)
  • a tricycle unit
  • an FX (cab) franchise (P200K=CAD$5,524)
  • an FX (cab) vehicle (EMLOR)
  • a P1M=CAD$27K security deposit to be able to buy and sell million-peso worth of jewelries
  • supporting 24 people (aside from the 10 people who lived in her house, Lorna is also the sole provider for her siblings and their families)
  • P110K=CAD$3,128 yearly tuition for their boys who studied in Ateneo de Manila University
  • venues for family events in clubhouses and expensive restaurants
  • parties held in their house every week
  • frequent trips to the Philippines (after migrating to Canada) where they spend almost P1M=CAD$27K each visit. They would rent 4 hotel rooms with living and dining areas in Astoria Plaza, Subic, Shangri La, Sofitel, Marriott, and Fontana
  • hair and nail spa every week
  • dermatology visit every week to have her super dark inner recesses whitened and warts all over her body removed
  • gynecology visit every month to get rid of her unusual body odor
  • a very expensive taste in clothes (Michael Kors and Coach, among other brand names) folded and forgotten in her very full closet
  • extravagant jewelries
  • brand name pairs of shoes

In Canada (migrated in 2006):

  • a $350K show home residence (acquired in their second year)
  • top of the line and brand new furniture
  • Toyota Sienna
  • Toyota Corolla
  • 1 more brand new car
  • frequent trips to the Philippines
  • frequent trips to the US and Europe
  • hair and nail spa every week
  • dermatology visit every week to have her super dark inner recesses whitened and warts all over her body removed
  • gynecology visit every month to get rid of her unusual body odor
  • a very expensive taste in clothes (Michael Kors and Coach, among other brand names) folded and forgotten in her very full closet
  • extravagant jewelries
  • brand name pairs of shoes
  • top of the line cellphones for the family of 5
  • most expensive cable connection
  • frequent parties in their house
  • overspending – there’s only 5 of them, but spending for 8

These are just material things that people see. No one really knows how much money she keeps in her various bank accounts.

Like Lorna, Emmanuel and their 3 kids have expensive lifestyle as well. No one sees them wearing the same clothes twice.

Lorna started working in Canada only in Oct 2008 as a clerk for 7 months per her LinkedIn account, yet she and her family live lavishly. Emmanuel, though works two jobs (Symcor and Canada Post), his annual salary would not even reach $75K. He also supports his mother, his siblings and their families in the Philippines.


Lorna was born poor and grew up poor. (There’s nothing wrong with this, but this is mentioned in case Lorna says that all her properties were acquired thru inheritance). All of her clothes were hand-me-downs. She even served as a housemaid for her rich relatives. She promised herself to be rich, by hook or by crook, if given a chance. She dreamed of nothing but to live lavishly and luxuriously. With her horrible looks and an unusual smell, she could not land a rich husband. The spineless coward that she was able to get thru a shotgun marriage also lived hand to mouth. And just like her, he is willing to do anything to get out of poverty.

She lived with a sibling and his family during her university years. She had a hard time passing the CPA Board Exam in Apr 1990.

When she got her CPA license, finally, peso signs twinkled in her eyes.

She was given the position of Emmanuel’s uncle in BIR, inheriting the clients of this uncle for a percentage of the kickback. (When Lorna migrated to Canada, she handed over these clients and her own clients to her side of the family for an agreed exchange causing a rift with Emmanuel’s side of the family).


Lorna and Emmanuel rented a house in Ermin Garcia, Cubao, Quezon City. Their first car was a light blue box type second hand car. With their meager income and a lot of siblings to support on either side of their families, they could hardly get by.

When Lorna got her position in BIR, she was able to acquire the up and down house in Assyria. When she got the bungalow in Babylonia with a wholesale store in a short span of time, people queried. She said that they were just renting. Renting, but they’re doing major renovations.

She had been explaining that acquisition of her succeeding properties came from profit from this wholesale store. A wholesale store in a subdivision? One is lucky enough to get a profit of P1K=CAD$25 a day.

How was Lorna able to acquire these properties in a span of 14 years?

She cooked the books of her clients and asked Emmanuel, also a CPA to sign the documents. As the examiner of the same clients, she helped them evade taxes for a very hefty fee.

For more details on how the unscrupulous and greedy BIR examiners like Lorna are able to defraud the taxpayers for personal gain, visit these websites:





Lorna was about to undergo a lifestyle check that’s why she disposed of some of her properties and she and her family hurriedly migrated to Canada. At first, Elsa Coguinco, (one of her aliases to be able to escape the authorities), said that it was in Australia that they initially wanted to go in hiding.

She sold the vacant lot in Zeus St. and the Crosswind to be used as show money in Canada.

She sold the bungalow, the house and lot in Bataan, and the FX to her siblings.

She gave away the furniture to her siblings causing a rift with Emmanuel’s side of the family.

While in Canada, she asked somebody to sell the Assyria house and the Mitsubishi Lancer on her behalf. Proceeds of this sale was used to acquire the show home in Canada that they currently live in.

They tried selling the rental house in Masambahin, but in vain.

They acquired the condominium in Trinoma from the proceeds of the sale of her ill-gotten properties and put it under the names of her children.


Lorna and Emmanuel put up a tax preparation business, their fertile nest for kickbacks in cash or in kind. They have no delicadeza and help Canadian taxpayers evade taxes for their personal gain.

Lorna works on and off per her LinkedIn account, and yet she maintains an extravagant lifestyle.

Emmanuel works two jobs. He had a stint in a Metrobank remittance centre for about a year just to help the transfer of the proceeds of the sale of their ill-gotten wealth to Canada.


Lorna should be imprisoned and all of her ill-gotten wealth and proceeds thereof confiscated. She should not be allowed to handle money at work or get employment where opportunity to steal is available like finance, banking, accounting, etc. She should be banned to prepare tax, audit, or work for public companies. Her hands get itchy when it comes to money.

By embezzling, she broke the oath of a Certified Public Accountant. She’s a dishonor, threat, and disgrace to the accounting profession. She’s unprincipled and she used her license to practice a license to steal. She has no ethics and she did not behave professionally by serving her own interest. She has no integrity and she’s dishonest in all of her dealings. She allowed her judgment to be compromised by bias and conflict of interest.

Lorna should be expelled from the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants and stripped of her license for breach of professional standards and code of conduct. She should not be allowed to even enrol to be a Chartered Professional Accountant anywhere in Canada.


It was said that Lorna would bribe her kids’ teachers with food and materials for projects just so her kids would get academic awards.

Lorna is manipulative and underhanded. She poses as Emmanuel to communicate to his friends and relatives.

She uses the following names for harassment or hide from authorities:

-Elsa Coguinco

-Elaine Joselyn Valencerina

-Beatrice Caseria

-Ely Santos

Only that her bad grammar and misspelling give her away each and every time.

Lorna is a traitor, a suck up, an individual that bites the hand that feeds her. She tramples over others for her own gain or to feel good about herself. She’s a gloat and laughs at other’s misfortunes. She has no conscience.

She worked as a maid for a rich relative who owned a store in Divisoria and an account holder for Dona Meding. While tending the store, Lorna noticed some anomalies being done by this relative. She immediately reported these anomalies to Dona Meding who in turn made her a spy/lookout. By sucking up, she was given an account to sell “barongs” and became the major competitor of this relative.

Lorna has a loud mouth like an empty can and a very big ego. She boasts to everyone that she thinks is beneath her. She’s very arrogant and does not like anyone to be above her. She views herself as the most beautiful and smartest. She idolizes money and spends it like water on her relatives and friends to get this kind of affection and gain approval. She’s a money maniac, adorer of material things, and reckless spender.

She is a social climber and has no breeding.

There’s no tiniest bit of good in Lorna’s character. Someone entrusted Emmanuel with personal possessions. When Lorna found out about it, she used them all for herself. Emmanuel was sued in Small Claims Court because of this.

She looks no different from Janet Napoles, one of the most corrupt in Philippine history.


Filipinos are tired of her flaunting on Facebook. The more she does so, the more the people are being insulted. She thought she got away with her embezzlement and her showing off of her lavish lifestyle is like rubbing it off on the taxpayers’ faces. She’s been saying that her eldest son is a doctor that’s why she could afford superfluous things. Her son is not even a Doctor of Medicine, but a Doctor of Pharmacy, salary of which is way below that of an MD. And he just graduated in 2016. He might as well undergo a lifestyle check to make sure that he’s not used as a dummy for his mother’s misappropriation.

One of Lorna’s emails is lcptrich@yahoo.ca which stands for Lorna Caseria Pazcoguin Talan Rich. She could not wait to have a good life. Now she’s able to bring out all of her loot in the open because she has an excuse, Dr Brian.

Lorna’s neighbors in the Philippines and Canada might know more than what the anonymous tippers of the author was given. This is their chance to come out and share stories of Lorna’s loot.

This author is speaking on behalf of everyone struggling with day jobs in order to make work that comes from the heart and gut.

This expose is written on behalf of the people whose feet Lorna has stepped on, on behalf of those she humiliated, degraded, threatened, victimized by her foul mouth and big ego.

As a Certified Public Accountant in the Philippines and Chartered Professional Accountant in Canada, this author has a responsibility to uphold the honor of the accounting profession by exposing corruption of known thieves. She’s putting her career on the line just so justice is served.

Lorna’s day of reckoning has come.


Lorna has vertigo, diabetes, and lumps on her breasts. People say that she’d use all of her embezzled money to cure her.


When asked why he let Lorna embezzle, his response was, “Everyone does it.”


Thanks to the people whose feet Lorna has stepped on, to those she humiliated, degraded, threatened, victimized by her foul mouth and big ego. Thanks to my journalist friends. They’re the ones who gave this author the information of the millions and millions that she embezzled.

It is the hope of this author that this expose encourages other people to bring out into the open the corruption that they know of.